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The Top Ten Murder Mystery Rules

SOME RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN. Others are broken at our peril. And still others are made to create peril, delicious, lovely peril for the victim in a good old fashioned murder mystery. With that goal in mind, for […]

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Free Fall In February – Sneak Peek

FOR ALL YOU HARD BOILED DETECTIVE FANS… The quote in this image is a little taste from the opening paragraph of Free Fall In February, the next installment in The Malcolm Cutter Memoirs. For a millionaire chauffeur and part time private […]

Every Murder Mystery Author’s Favorite Question

EVERY MURDER MYSTERY AUTHOR GETS THE QUESTION ALL THE TIME: Where do your ideas come from? It’s not our favorite question (that comes later) but to answer it, we often turn to the headlines. Today for example, there’s this sad […]

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A Murder Mystery Education

THE OTHER DAY I mentioned that I’m writing The Malcolm Cutter Memoirs in part because I think the murder mystery genre is perfect for exploring big ideas like death and justice. Someone asked what makes me think I’m qualified to […]

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Why I Write Murder Mysteries

Recently I read a fascinating article in The New York Times about what may well be the first true murder mystery novel ever written. Conventional wisdom holds that the honor belongs to Wilkie Collins, who published The Moonstone in 1868, […]

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